The Korean Cultural Centre in London opens its doors again for its 11th run of the K-Pop Academy – the first of the year’s biannual events. Since 2012, fans of the Hallyu Wave have been given the opportunity to discover more about South Korea’s culture, history and food.

For twelve weeks between the 25th February to the 20th May, students will be getting hands-on with both historical and contemporary culture; from learning Hangul, try traditional Hanboks and dancing to the latest K-pop hits.

If you are 16 or over, you can apply to be selected as a student free of charge. Applications close on the 12th February 2016 and any applications sent after will not be accepted, so apply now to assure your chances of selection.

A full detailed schedule is listed below, including the guest speakers participating during each week. For more information and applications for the 11th K-Pop Academy, visit the Korean Cultural Centre’s website.

  • 4th March: K-Wave Hallyu – Discussion of Hallyu: K-Pop and Korean’s Entertainment Industry (Guest Speaker: Dr. Haekyung Kim)
  • 11th March: K-Language Hangul – Lecture on Korean language and calligraphy workshop (Guest Speaker: Prof. Jae Hoon Yeon)
  • 18th March: K-Pop Dance – Learn the latest K-Pop choreography (Guest Speaker: Tammy Jane of London K-Pop Dance Workshop)
  • 25th March: K-Cuisine: Hansik – Learn food culture, etiquette and how to cook Korean dishes (Guest Speaker: Hyungsoo Yim)
  • 1st April: K-History – Introducing Korean history with Q&A (Guest Speaker: Dr. Anders Karlsson)
  • 8th April – K-Traditional Dance – Learn traditional Korean dance, Tal Chum/Mask Dance (Guest Speaker: Haein Song)
  • 22nd April: K-History – Discover life in Korean between 1952-53 and the Korean War (Guest Speaker: Brigadier (Retd) B.A.H. Brian Parritt CBE)
  • 29th April: K-Sport Taekwondo – Become a K-Tiger for a day under the guidance of Master Jongho Kim
  • 6th May: Korean Arts & National Treasures – Discover Korea’s art, history and culture in the British Museum (Guest Speaker: Eleanor Hyun)
  • 13th May: K-Fashion Hanbok – Experience wearing traditional Hanbok and learn about its inspiration in modern K-Fashion (Guest Speaker: Dr. Jungtaek Lee)

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