SONAMOO are back with a vengeance in 2017 kicking off the New Year with a new MV and mini-album. The TS Entertainment girl-group who had an infamously problematic debut back in December 2014 have outgrown their ‘B.A.P clone’ stigma in the last year with a new style. From hip-hop to cute, the seven members have evolved more than most in the 2 years they’ve been on the scene.

This title track feels like the next chapter in SONAMOO’s story as their feelings from ‘I Like U Too Much’ have matured into, what they believe to be, love. The song was written by Shin Hyuk who is responsible for legendary tracks like EXO’s ‘Growl’ and SHINee’s ‘Dream Girl’ so it’s no surprise this song is catchy! ‘I Think I Love U’ explores the anxieties of being in love and letting someone close to you. 

They don’t understand why they’ve fallen in love when they believe every guy is the same but they’re ready to open up their hearts. It’s getting serious! The song is extremely catchy and upbeat, it’s an instant mood-booster!

The MV is as addictive as the song itself. The concept of the video revolves around a mannequin inside a vending machine and the girls are trying to figure out how to get it out. They discover a large stuffed bunny and try to steal it from each other throughout the MV. The bunny is hiding a love heart token and each member is sneakily attempting to swipe it. The cute storyline is interjected with dance cuts on the platform of a New York subway station. The girls are dressed in suitably adorable outfits, like school uniforms embellished with love hearts. The choreography is very energetic and combines their old hip-hop techniques with a softer aesthetic. The quest to find ‘love’ in the MV ends with the girl’s literally tearing the mannequin apart. It hints at another chapter in the SONAMOO story that might not be the happily ever after they wanted…


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