The long-awaited solo debut of Miss A‘s Suzy landed earlier this week with such force that her pre-release ‘Pretend‘ topped the charts with an all-kill. JYP Entertainment later released the MV for ‘Yes No Maybe‘ after a storm of anticipated hype. Korea’s adoration for Suzy gives her the comfort that whatever she releases, it will be a success. Thankfully, we don’t have to speculate whether Suzy’s popularity handed her a free ride to the top of the charts because her solo debut is gold.

Sultry, smooth and satisfying; Yes No Maybe showcases Suzy’s understated vocals against a retro, 90s inspired instrumental and this slow, melodic track serves as a perfect support for her natural vocal range. Suzy isn’t a powerhouse vocalist but her soft voice is well suited to carry the lyrics. This title track is a mid-tempo ballad with infamous JYP electronic undertones. It has a nice composition that flows into a pop influenced chorus. 

The song speaks about infatuation and the idea of wanting something you know you shouldn’t.  The sensual vocals echo past JYPE girl group soloists including Sunmi and whilst some fans might call this title track ‘underrated’, it’s a tidy all-rounder that shows off Suzy’s potential as a solo artist.

Yes No Maybe plays as a subtle soundtrack to the cinematic MV that accompanies it. The video is set in Hong Kong and draws on inspiration from famous filmmaker Wong Kar-wai whose work is referenced throughout. It’s a beautiful MV with many creative elements that piece it together. Suzy builds that structure as a femme fatale character with a silent motive. Suzy wanders through the city streets escaping her troubled relationship and debating the idea of returning. If you’re a sucker for cinematic MVs, you’ll appreciate every motion blur illustrating Suzy’s turbulent thoughts. The red glow overlay brings out the sultry aesthetic of the video and Suzy, as always, looks stunning in every single shot.  Dark, melancholic and artsy, this is perfection in just over 4 minutes.

We loved this debut from Miss A’s Suzy. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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