Another week has passed, and it’s time again to check out some of the latest K-Pop releases. This week, we are focusing on recent MV releases, which includes videos by Red Velvet, Zion T and more!

Huh Gak – ‘Miss You’
Release Date: 30/01/2017

Huh Gak is known for his great ballads and songs that pack a huge amount of emotion. This latest release from him is no different. ‘Miss You’ manages to pluck at all the heartstrings and Huh Gak’s amazing vocals will likely leave you very impressed. The MV features APink’s Chorong and actor Lim Ju Hwan (known for drama series ‘Tamra, the Island’ (2009) and ‘Ugly Alert’ (2013)).

Zion T – ‘The Song’
Release Date: 31/01/2017

Zion T has returned with his super smooth R’n’B sound. His ability to create tracks that you can simultaneously bob along and chill to is still strong. His distinctive style and eccentric fashion abounds in this colourful MV. It’s a feel-good love song that is as cute as it is cool.

Red Velvet – ‘Rookie’
Release Date: 31/01/2017

Red Velvet never do things by halves, and here is their crazy and psychedelic new MV for ‘Rookie’! The girls embark upon what appears to be a drug-induced, hallucination-filled trip after inhaling some dubious pink smoke. They travel through wardrobes (hello, Narnia!), ride in spaceships and are accompanied by a man made entirely of flowers. The video has a striking similarity to their label mate SHINee’s ‘Dream Girl’ MV released in 2013.

The song itself is full of energy and a catchy hook line, but you might find it’s a track like Marmite – you’ll either love it, or hate it!

MASC – ‘Tina’
Release Date 04/02/2017

MASC have returned with ‘Tina’, an extremely catchy track with a jazzy slant. It’s the sort of song that you will be singing along to in no time (and probably without realising it!) The MV also features some great choreography and unique fashion – basically the main ingredients that help make the K-Pop genre so great!


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