Don’t you love it when K-pop artists experiment and stray from the conventional “K-pop sound”? Below you’ll find ten songs that will have you travelling back to the 1920s and dance to the sounds of trumpets and bouncy pianos:

  1. Mamamoo, Piano Man (2014)

  1. IU, Modern Times (2013)

  1. TVXQ, Something (2014)

  1. AKMU, How People Move (2016)

  1. Lee Hi, My Star (2016)

  1. SPICA, You Don’t Love Me (2014)

  1. TTS, Omg (2012)

  1. Zico feat. Zion T. Eureka (2015)

  1. Ladies’ Code, Bad Girl (2013)

  1. Girl’s Day, Darling (2014)

What are some of your favourite jazz-inspired K-pop songs? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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