As we enter into March, it’s likely that you have had enough of winter and are looking forward to fresh, spring weather. Unfortunately, you can’t always count on the weather (especially in the UK, where I am!) However, we can always count on some brand, spanking new K-Pop releases!

Taeyeon – ‘Fine’
Release Date: 27/02/2017

The kid leader is back with another MV release. ‘Fine’ shows off Taeyeon’s vocal prowess perfectly. She has a beautiful voice that is highlighted throughout this emotional track. It is clear that all her experience as part of SNSD has really helped her along the way to this solid solo work.

PENOMECO – ‘WTF (Went Too Far)’
Release Date: 28/02/2017

If you are a fan of Korean hip hop, but haven’t checked out PENOMENCO yet, be sure to put it on your to do list. The rapper has worked with Block B’s ZICO, but has so far shown a little more of an R&B, chilled vibe when compared. He has the typical Korean hip hop/R&B style, but would also probably fit in well with a lot of Western artists too.

Release Date: 02/03/2017

BLANC7 are a newly debuted group, and here is their first MV release. The 7 member group are under Jackpot Entertainment. This video shows off a chic look, accompanied by a very cool and heavy electronic beat. It’s a strong debut, and it will be interesting to see what these guys bring along in the future.

Release Date: 02/03/2017

Another track with electronic beats – here we have VICTION and their latest release ‘EYEZ EYEZ’. This song has a slight 90s vibe to it, some great rapping and a catchy chorus. The MV itself is simple, and focuses more on the group members’ (ahem, very handsome) visuals rather than any story line.


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