Since the one-hit wonder ‘Gangnam Style’ went viral back in 2012, the global interest of K-pop has increasingly become more widespread. Especially with popular groups like BIGBANG, BTS steering the wheel with their international successes.

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And with the recent release of ‘Bill Nye Saves The World‘ on April 21 on the streaming service Netflix, there’s a short segment during episode 9 which talks about the impact of K-pop. It’s introduced through the topic of gender roles in South Korea and how conservative the society is, however as K-pop is evolving it allows people a medium to be able to express themselves freely.

There are short clips that included an interview featuring f(x)’s Amber, who talked about her own experiences being an artist in the K-pop industry and how when she debuted there weren’t any androgynous girls as there was a certain stereotype for girls to look feminine in order to fit in. But now, she commented that she has seen a growth in girls who have shorter hair and wear comfortable clothes, which indicates that attitudes are changing and that it shows that there’s nothing wrong with being different.

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Following from that, there was a brief part showing rookie group NCT’s Johnny who voiced his own thoughts that ‘What I wanna express today, that’s how I’m gonna wear it’. which showed his own level of confidence in himself and stressed the viewers to ‘Be yourself, I feel like that’s a big point‘. K-pop has helped to change stereotypes and attitudes globally, helping the wave of progress to sweep through. What are your thoughts on the episode?


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