To kick off April, we’ve had a good number of comebacks this week! There’s been music releases from WINNER, the reformed group since Nam Taehyun officially left back in November last year, Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon, Day6 and more!

Release: The girl group have returned with their 4th mini album ‘Colouring Book’ on April 3th with the main promotional bubbly track being the same as the album’s title. The track matched with an equally vibrant MV, which you can watch below!

Release: The boy group have returned on April 4th with their 1st single album ‘Fate Number Four‘ which contains the two title tracks ‘Fool‘ and ‘Really Really‘. WINNER have also been featured in the iTunes chart, which shows the support from UK Incles!

Release: The rookie boy group have been promoting their upbeat digital single ‘2GETHER‘, which was released on April 4th following their debut song ‘Alright‘ last year. You can check out the MV for INX’s newest song below!

Release: The SM powerhouse singer had released her 1st Full Album Repackage ‘My Voice (Deluxe Edition)‘ on April 5th, the ballad styled title track ‘Make Me Love You‘. The accompanying MV is saturated with an evident longing from the lyrics.

Release: The rookie girl group had their comeback with their 2nd Single Album and the title track called ‘Good Night’ on April 5th. The MV’s looks to be a continuation of their last supernatural inspired music video ‘Chase Me’, and the song seems like a good opening to an kick-ass anime!

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Release: The 5 member boy group have returned with their 3rd Digital Single ‘Tension Up‘ on April 5th. The song sounds like it’s a good feel-good, party track with the club vibes to encourage their listeners to let go and have fun!

Release: As part of their monthly single release, the JYP group have their comeback with the single album ‘Every Day6 April’ and the title track ‘I’m Serious‘ on April 6. This release also made an appearance on the UK album chart!

Release: Ten debuted with NCT U last year has recently released a digital single with SM Station ‘Dream In A Dream’ on April 7th. The instrumental is very soothing to listen to with its the Asian inspired sounds as well as getting to hear a song sung entirely in English which matched well with the sleek, choreography based MV which showcases the artist’s dancing prowess since his appearances as a contestant on ‘Hit The Stage’.

Release: The 6 member rookie boy group have released their debut single album and promotional title track ‘Please’. It’s a good introduction track for the boys to showcase what’ve they’ve got to offer, in this case strong vocals and looking like a solidified unit.

What’s been your favourite comebacks this week and who are you looking forward to next?


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