Here at UKP, we often have street foods featured in our Friday Food articles and this week is no different. Korea has a bustling and vibrant street food culture and you can see it in movies, dramas (especially dramas) and even music videos. It’s an essential part of experiencing Korean culture, and to be honest, it’s just really fun! Right?

Koreans don’t have very many designated “breakfast foods,” they often eat dinner and lunch items for breakfast, unlike America and Europe which both have tons of specific breakfast foods. One food that is arguably breakfast-like in Korea, is the Korean Street Toast sandwich. There are different variations but it always has a mixture of vegetables (usually cabbage, carrot, and onion) with egg, which is then fried, topped with sugar, ketchup (sometimes mayonnaise), and put between two pieces of tasty fried/grilled white bread, often accompanied by ham and cheese. From all the videos I’ve watched and will provide below, the ham and cheese is said to be optional (and costs extra!) but is almost always a preferred additive.

I thought the sugar sounded weird at first (and honestly I still do) but everyone who has tried it vouches for its tastiness and I hope to try it someday. In one of the videos below, the cook talks about the fact that with limited “breakfast” options, you’ll often see the “toast carts” next to business buildings for hungry businessmen and women to grab a quick 토스트 (toast) in a paper cup or bag to eat on the go.

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There are tons of videos to watch on Korean Street Toast if you can’t get enough of this delectable looking street food, but below are three of the first and most popular videos I watched! They teach you step by step how to cook it and two of them give you cute factoids about the food. They’re really enjoyable to watch and I definitely plan on trying to make it for myself sometime soon!

The first is by one of my favorites, honeykki 꿀키:

Next is by Seonkyoung Longest:

Now we have Future Neighbor who I hadn’t watched before but really enjoyed:

Have you ever tried Korean Street Toast? Is it as yummy as everyone says? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page


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