The girl group who shot up in popularity since their ‘Up and Down‘ days has returned for their latest comeback on April 10. With the absence of vocalist Solji due to the member taking an indefinite break to recover back to full health, EXID are temporarily promoting as a 4 member group for their 3rd mini album. With the album title ‘Eclipse’, the meaning behind it is that this period without Solji will eventually pass and the members will reunite once again.

The promotional title track ‘Night Rather Than Day’ has a much more softer tone than ‘L.I.E’, which held an underlying anger for the cheating partner. However in this song, there’s only longing present. The girls croon over wanting to spend time with their loved one during the night and into the early hours of the morning, the lyrics goes into contemplating how busy their lives at during the day and how they’re only free in the evenings. Though, there are suggestive implications, especially with the line ‘So there won’t be anyone to disturb us‘.

And also with the featured part ‘butterflies in my mind‘, we thought this was interesting as it’s usually butterflies described to appear in the stomach to symbolise nerves. Though, it could be interpreted in the case that they’re making a using a conscious decision using their brain instead of their gut feeling, mind over intuition perhaps? Nevertheless, the background music sounds almost like it’s supposed to be gentle and dream-like, akin to serenading their partner. We get to hear a different side to the girls, especially as it doesn’t have that instant catchy tune like with their previous songs. It could just be a track that grows on your the more you listen to it, but it’s still a good comeback.

It’s always interesting to see how the dynamics change whenever there’s a member missing, whether that’s an official departure or due to an illness in the MV. But, we have to say that the girls do manage to pull it off well. The EXID girls are never ones to shy away in their MV’s, leaving suggestive pieces here and there, like with the candle’s wax drops on the key, but even this MV is much more toned down in comparison.

The scene which showed the Metro cards being cut into pieces linked in with lyrics, a way of wanting to convey they don’t like to go outside, but to opt to stay-at-home instead. With the cinematography of the background scenery showing the abandoned train with the graffiti decorating the walls and the neon lights, they all added to the overall dreamy vibe.

What did you think of the MV?


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