For many K-Pop fans, they may have a particular group that they deeply admire and look up to. Alex, a 15 year old teenager from Barwell is no different in that respect.

However, she was born with a rare condition which has had an impact on her heart valves. This means that the way her blood flows through her heart is affected and thus has had an impact on her life. In addition, Alex has a form of autism and other learning difficulties.

As a result of her condition, she has needed to have three surgeries and now Alex is due to have double valve replacement surgery. She is hoping that this social media campaign will help in getting a ‘shout-out’ from BTS. Alex loves watching their videos on YouTube and said “It would be amazing to meet them, but even if they sent me a message I would be thrilled.”

Leanne, her mum had said “The double-valve replacement is quite risky and Alex is quite poorly at the moment. It has got to the point where she really does need this operation as her heart could fail at any point. She is such a huge fan of BTS it would mean the world to her to have their support.”

She continued with the hopes of her daughter being acknowledged by her favourite group. “We are really hoping to get a Skype call from the boys for Alex’s, as she can’t fly anywhere so this is our only option.”

A UK based BTS fan club had invited Alex and her mother to London for the unveiling of BTS’s first promotional billboard in the UK. And so far, the tweet promoted by @BTS_Army_I below which raised further awareness of Leanne’s post (@Waganne_Prattbo) and has been retweeted over 5, 500 times which shows how much support that ARMYS are giving for this worthwhile cause.

The video titled ‘BTS…Teamwork makes the Dreamwork’ that Alex and Leanne made has also been linked below, which opens up about Alex’s journey, how she had not let her condition of Tourette’s Syndrome get in the way of her passion of singing and performing and how the surgery will help her to reach her aspiration to become a vet. Alex is a definitely an admirable and passionate young girl and we all wish the best of luck to Alex in her goal to be noticed by BTS!


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