It’s been over a year since we’ve had any new music from Psy, he recently released his 8th album ‘4X2=8‘ which contains a total of 10 tracks, including collaborations with fellow YG artists G-Dragon, Taeyang, Tablo, iKON’s BI and Bobby and we even get to hear the dulcet voice of YG actress Lee Sungkyung!

Like with his previous title tracks in 2015, the global star has released double title songs for this album which are ‘New Face‘ which features an appearance from Apink’s Naeun and ‘I LUV IT’, the latter of which we’ll be looking at today for this week’s SOTW.

The pop song ‘I LUV IT’ was composed by Block B’s Zico who also contributed to writing the lyrics with Psy. While the overall album has still been doing well, this song received an all-kill on Korean charts! It’s upbeat and has an addictive sound with a catchy chorus that will no doubt get stuck in your head. It’s a good follow up comeback song, which helps to showcases his abilities in creating content for his fans. The chosen quote from the lyrics sums up Psy pretty well, that there’s no there’s no ‘middle ground’ with him. He’s certainly on the far end of the spectrum in his own category with both his music and MV’s. But that itself shows his own versatility as an artist. Though, if you weren’t fully convinced with this song, you can check out the rest of his album which contains a range of different genres!

Whether you’re a fan of Psy or not, it’s undeniable how spontaneous and bizarre his music videos are. He’s always pulling all the stops in his videos, with the entourage of dancers and with his comical style of dancing. If you weren’t completely fazed by the crazy antics, you may have noticed that actor Lee Byunghun and also Piko Taro, the artist behind PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) had featured in the video! He’s got this infectious way of getting people to not take everything too seriously in life. There isn’t any theories to try and string together, it’s just a collection of scenes put together that just work somehow which pinpoint Psy’s eccentricity as an artist.


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