Things are about to get messy on the South Korean west coast next month, as the coastal town of Boryeong prepares to host its 20th annual mud festival. To take part, just be prepared to cake yourself in mud and play like a kid again!

The first festival was held in 1998, to promote a range of cosmetics made from natural mud in the Boryeong area. Now over two million visitors come for the festival, and while it’s on for seven days this year, the final few days are always hugely popular with westerners.

This year’s festival will be held from 21 July to 30 July at Daecheon Beach Mud Plaza. Tickets cost 10,000-12,000 KRW depending on if you go on a weekday or weekend. From 9.30am on the first day, there’s a huge variety of mud-related events and games to join in. You can slide on inflatable slides, get painted up in colourful mud, or of course, tackle a friend a classic mud wrestle. It pays to play dirty at this unique summer festival!

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The official festival site is here.
More information on how to get there from Seoul is here.


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