It was no doubt a shock to the system for many fans to initially learn about T.O.P’s hospitalization earlier this week. It has indeed been already a stressful and challenging time for the BIGBANG member, who is currently wrapped up in a marijuana case. He has accepted the responsibility and accountability for his actions as it is deemed an illegal substance in South Korea.

You can read more on the BBC article by clicking here which talked about the early stages of T.O.P’s admittance to Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital on June 6. He was found to be unconscious and was brought to the hospital’s ICU to be treated. It was later found that he had ingested an unknown amount of benzodiazepines, a medication which was prescribed to help him cope with his anxiety. For further information, we outlined a brief summary of the course of events in the below article.

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Although it has been updated by Soompi on June 9 from a statement given by YG Entertainment that after 4 days, T.O.P has been discharged from the hospital after regaining consciousness and shown encouraging signs of improvement and will be moved to a different hospital to receive further treatment.


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