Sik-K has recently released his latest album last week called ‘H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun)‘ – have you guys checked it out yet?

If you haven’t already been jamming to his latest tracks such as ‘FLY‘ and ‘Party (SHUTDOWN)‘ ft. CRUSH, now’s your chance! His track ‘FLY‘ otherwise known as ‘Fuckin’ Love You’ can be described as Trap track with a steady beat which accompanies Sik-K’s good flow with his rapping/vocals. Sik-K can be seen making good use of his English skills in this track as well. In contrast, ‘Party (SHUTDOWN)’ follows in the genre of K-HipHop and R&B vibes, with a smooth melodic track which in some ways is rather addictive. Particularly with CRUSH’s feature, we have his silky vocals accompanied by his rap, as well as Sik-K’s very own falsetto. We also have a contrast between the two settings, with ‘FLY‘ featuring exterior shots, out in the open as Sik-K voices his thoughts, whilst ‘PARTY‘ focusing on interior shots, in a more intimate manner.

Sik-K has been in action doing underground music since 2013, however officially debuted in August 2015. You may have recognised him if you are a ‘Show Me The Money‘ fan, as he has previously participated in Show Me The Money 4 before his official debut.

He’s best known as a member of the Yelows Mob crew. Some of the members of his crew include Groovy Room (Hwimin and Gyujeong) – who have produced many of his tracks, as well as Mac Kidd, and many others. His name in Yelows Mob is ‘Young Hot Yellow’.

Recently Sik-K has signed to Cha Cha Malone and Jay Park‘s label ‘H1GHR Music‘ where he made his new debut with the song ‘FLY‘ produced by Groovy Room (who also signed with H1GHR Music).

He has become a predominate feature of the K-HipHop scene and has even toured to the likes of Europe along with Yelows Mob (you may remember his ‘FLIP’ tour back in October 2016). Along with the release of his own songs such as ‘Rendezvous‘, ‘Alcohol’ and ‘Ring Ring‘, he has had the opportunity to feature among various tracks such as Jay Park’s ‘Alone Tonight‘ as well as Boi B’s ‘ADY’.

One of the most recognised tracks he has participated in is the ‘Eung Freestyle‘. The track was a collaboration between 5 different artists: DPR Live, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz and Flowsik (as well as himself), to produce one of the hottest Korean Hip-Hop tracks of 2016. The track has also been recognised on an international level from many listeners worldwide, many of which may have recognised the track as an addition to YouTube music ads (The 3-second ads).

BONUS: Just to throw in some interesting facts for you guys, did you know Sik-K used to live in Vancouver for a period of his life? He has previously stated that he is ‘sorta’ fluent in English! He’s also famous for wearing his grills – but as you can see from his recent ‘Party (SHUTDOWN)‘ MV, he has decided to go without them for this production (although I’m sure it’s not his only production where he’s gone without his grills).


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