Lonely is the final Sistar comeback that you’re going to get. It’s short and sad, but has that sense of summer that the group are known for. However, instead of it sending you to a poolside to soak up the fun in the sun, it’s a slow, lonely stroll across the beach at sunset.


With its quirky opening, instantly recognisable from the initial teaser, the title and initial sound makes you anticipate a ballad. But Sistar lure you on; it’s not a ballad. There’s hints of electro music in the pre-chorus which help distinguish it from this genre and serves as a nod to the more experimental sections of Sistar’s catalogue; namely ‘One More Day’. Hyorin and Soyu’s vocals stand out on this song, particularly Hyorin’s whispery notes. But, one can’t help but feel that Bora’s rap sounding slightly out of place.


2.‘For You

A pop-styled ballad, self-composed by the group. Bora’s rap is particularly interesting, as it sounds like a letter; it’s what the song is in itself – a melodic letter to both the fans and members. It’s an amiable song for closing the curtains to the group’s career.

Sistar have been a daring group. They paint themselves as strong, independent women who dance in high heels because they can. Hyorin’s darker skin tone and tattoos challenge the normal beauty standard. They have vocally supported LGBT rights, with the music video for ‘One More Day’ featuring a lesbian relationship. The K-Pop world will be “lonely” without their summer anthems.


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