Hotshot came back this week with Jelly – and they’re promoting as a fivesome for the time being.

The original sixth member, Ha Sungwoon, hasn’t left but is currently working with Wanna One, the group created by this year’s Produce 101 TV show. If the MV’s center Noh Taehyun looks familiar, you’ve definitely been watching Produce 101, where he showed off his impressive choreography and krump dance skills, earning 25th place in the final rankings. Taehyun (or Kid Monster, as he’s known in Hotshot) will be busy promoting in September too, as he’s part of the new unit JBJ, a trio of Produce 101 trainees who proved popular with viewers but didn’t make the top 11. His original choreo and performance of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You was a highlight of the P101 challenges, and the official video has over six million views.

The other four members of hotshot are Junhyuk (leader), Timotheo, San and Hojung (maknae). Junhyuk and Timotheo are previous SM trainees, and Timotheo was originally supposed to debut with EXO – he dropped out due to time issues and parental pressure but is still good buddies with Kai. Junhyuk was a contestant on Superstar K2, back in 2010.

Hotshot’s label is Star Crew Entertainment, a label created from K.O Sound and Ardor and Able. They debuted in October 2014 with Take a Shot and have only released one EP, Am I Hotshot?

Bonus 1: can Hotshot guess western pop songs from they way they’re hummed?

Bonus 2: Taehyun and Sungwoon’s P101 audition

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