With the exciting announcement from MyMusicTaste at the end of last month in regards to K.A.R.D bringing their tour to Europe in September, the rookie group has been a popular choice by UK fans all eager to see the artists perform later in the year and after months of waiting.

And it was not in vain as the dedicated fans were successful in bringing them over to the UK, and you can read more about that in the link below!

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The co-ed has continued to grow in international recognition especially from the the UK iTunes album chart as earlier this year when the group released ‘Rumor’, the single peaked at #60 on the song chart.

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Now as they have finally debuted officially with their first mini album ‘Hola Hola‘, it has charted at #22! It’s a very good result for a group that while they have only freshly just debuted, have been active for less than half a year! If you haven’t watched the M/V for the title track, which has over 1.5 million views so far, it’s at the bottom of the article!


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