The resident record-breaking group had returned for a summer comeback yesterday and have already bested themselves within a day of their 4th Full Album release! Perhaps unsurprisingly from the upheaval of support, both from domestic and international fans, ‘The War‘ marked another successful milestone in their careers as a group.

The album had peaked at #2, which is the highest rank for a South Korean group as well as having surpassed even G-Dragon’s record at #6. It’s still going strong in the charts as of present as a result from the continued support of EXO-L’s in the UK!

Throughout EXO’s career, they’ve covered a multitude of concepts. From bringing a world of fantasy in ‘Mama’ to catering to the supernatural fans from the ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’ era and much more, they’ve certainly won over the hearts of many worldwide. Now with ‘Ko Ko Bop‘, which does remind us of the brand ‘Coco Pops‘, it’s a step back from last year’s hit song ‘Monster‘.

Members Chanyeol, Chen and Baekhyun all took part in writing the lyrics for ‘Ko Ko Bop’ along with JQ and Hyun Ji-won also being credited. Instead, the boys seem to drift away from the hard-hitting pop track and switched to using a reggae tune for their title track, it’s a sound that’s relaxing to have playing in the background with a short snippet of trap music slipping in for the chorus. It’s an infectious song that really does fit in well with the theme of summer.

Aside from the song itself, the distinctive aspect of the video seems to arise from the overall styling, from the hair to the clothes, which looks to be a throwback to the 80’s. Though the way the video had been produced contains a mixture of old-school and modern filming, to perhaps match the tone of the ever changing tempos in the song. The choreography as per usual remains sharp and well executed!

There’s several references made to the Mama era from the members shown to have their own unique powers within the music video, this could indicate that they still hold onto their roots from their debut days. Did you catch all those moments? If not, you can refresh your memory by watching the M/V below!


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