Dazed & Confused‘ are a UK based publication that cover all that is up and coming in the world of music. They have covered a lot about K-Pop in the past and have recently published an article on their website about BTS!

The article covers how BTS came from humble beginnings, travelling all the way to becoming internationally recognised K-Pop stars. The writer, Taylor Glasby, also explores how the group have maintained a close and strong relationship with their fans through their use of social media.

Everything about BTS’s immense impact is felt more keenly simply because they were never expected to succeed at all, let alone challenge K-Pop’s status quo, where groups from the big entertainment companies rule the roost and those from smaller companies, like BTS, fill in the gaps. Even up until as recently as last year, BTS were viewed by the industry as underdogs and outliers, something they appeared to embrace and make part of their identity – even if only to loudly smash that status against the platinum records they’re chalking up.

– Taylor Glasby.

The article is very in-depth, covering how certain releases acted as turning points for the group as a whole.

It is one not to be missed for ARMY! You can read the full article here!


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