Earlier on in the week, BTS released an update video on the Big Hit YouTube channel which officially announced the change of their overall group’s branding. While they will remain to be known as BTS, they made the decision to add the new meaning for their group name “Beyond The Scene” . Since their debut, the meaning of BTS was formerly known to fans as being “Bulletproof Scouts” which was the rough translation of their Korean name “Bangtan Sonyeondan” (방탄소년단).

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The 7 member group have been attracting an increase of international interest, especially since their win at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year. The article written by Elizabeth Adetula from Metro UK picked up on the brand change and also some of BTS’s fanbase A.R.M.Y’s reception to the meaning adjustment to BTS’s name, which you can read more here.

What were your thoughts on the update?


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