We’re into the second week of July now and there’s been lots of releases from soloists this week, from freshly debuted ONE to rappers and singers with well-established solo careers such as Zico and Jessi having also dropped her first mini album over the past week!

Artist: ONE

Release: After making a guest appearance in Lee Hi’s ‘My Star’ M/V,  the soloist had finally debuted on July 11 and YG’s first male soloist since Se7en after 14 years with his Debut Single Album ‘One Day‘, the album includes ‘heyahe’ and ‘Gettin’ By’.

Artist: Urban Zakapa

Release: The trio made their comeback on July 11 with their latest single ‘Moai’. Here we have another good addition to a relaxing playlist, especially with their gentle vocals and harmonies. The group’s name, if you’re not familiar with them or if you didn’t know is a combination of the words Urban, Zappy, Kaleidoscopic and Passionate. Make sure you check them out below!

Artist: Jessi

Release: Fans have been waiting for new music from the rapper, formerly from the group Lucky J and having featured as a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar has returned since her first solo single ‘Ssenunni‘ in 2015. Jessi released her 1st Mini Album ‘Un2verse’ with the hip-hop title track ‘Gucci’ which kicks off with a regal tone before resuming the instrumental heard in the teaser video. She does not pull any punches with this comeback song and in various scenes she’s seen to be surrounded by wealth and a lavish lifestyle.

Artist: Park Boram

Release: The former SuperStar K2 contestant had her comeback with her 2nd Mini Album ‘Orange Moon’ on July 13, title track ‘Why, You?‘ featuring rapper Samuel Seo. It’s a nice slow, funky track and in the M/V you can hear extra sounds amplified, which could have an added focus to emphasis the silence and acts as an distraction from her breakup.

Artist: Lyn

Release: The soloist returned with the mini album ‘Joue avec moi’ on July 14which from French translates to ‘Play with me‘. The title song ‘On&On is chilled and relaxing on the ears with her soothing vocals with a featuring of fellow soloist Chancellor!

Artist: Cosmic Girls

Release: The 13 member girl group is the latest to have a summer comeback recently with the single ‘Kiss Me‘ on July 14. The girls have thrown away their inhibitions and playing-hard-to-get attitude in favour of being forward with their feelings in the song and the M/V is vibrant and works well with the summer concept and upbeat track!

Artist: Hotshot

Release: After 2 years, the boy group have returned with the EDM single ‘Jelly‘ on July 15. Hotshot’s M/V seems to be more focused on a manly, bad boy concept with the black and monochrome fashion matching with the mood of the lyrics. The original line-up of the 6 members had been reduced to 5 with Sungwoon currently preparing to debut in the Produce 101 rookie boy group ‘Wanna One’ so it’s interesting to see the change in the group dynamics.


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