July is finally here, which means that summer has officially arrived this year!

We’ve been spoiled for choice with plenty of comebacks over the past week, with the girls taking over with the new releases. Check out some of the latest comebacks below!

Artist: Apink

Release: The girl group are back with their 6th Mini Album ‘Pink UP‘ which came out on June 26. Apink are currently promoting their title pop track ‘Five’. It was recently revealed that all the members renewed their contract, meaning that they escaped the ‘7 year curse’ that many others have faced. The song is a nice alternative in contrast to the usual upbeat styles around this time of the year if you’re in the mood to listen to a slower paced summer song. The M/V brings together each of the member’s charms and sums up their overall, cute style!

Artist: Heize

Release: The soloist’s recent comeback on June 26 was positively received upon its release, this time she’s back with her 3rd Mini Album ‘///‘. For her title track ‘Don’t Know You‘, it provides easy listening paired with her sweet vocals. Though, the MV paints a seemingly different picture than the lyrics. But, it tries to capture her frustrations (which may help create some context for the violent acts directed towards the teddy bears) and despite her best efforts she unintentionally drove away her love.

Artist: BoA

Release: The SM veteran released the old-school styled digital single ‘Camo‘ on June 26. The music video is full of references to the title as BoA blends into the background scenes, to try and conceal her true feelings in order to prevent herself from getting hurt. Just as the lyrics goes, it’s only when you look more closely, you’ll be able to see her carefully hidden emotions.

Artist: Shannon

Release: The British-Korean soloist Shannon returned on June 27 with a revamped look in ‘Love Don’t Hurt’, featuring rapper Lil Boi. And there’s also been an English version released with f(x)’s Amber! The concept for this comeback is a complete 180 from her debut days, but it’s a welcomed change as in her transitional of being an artist. Though, we have to say that she does pull off the mature look in the 19 age rated M/V! Shannon looks like her confidence has greatly improved, especially since her experience as a contestant on the show ‘Kpop Star 6′.

Artist; Stellar

Release: The girl group’s 3rd Mini Album is called ‘Stellar into the world’, and their title track ‘Archangels of the Sephiroth‘ offers an interesting concept. Stellar are ethereal in the M/V, with an apparent element of powers that each seem to possess. It’s only later on that there’s a dark turn, with the newest member Soyoung being swayed by the innocent faces until they use her for a sacrifice.

Artist: South Club

Release: Nam Taehyun has officially debuted with his band South Club on June 27. They released their Debut Mini Album ‘90‘ with the title tracks ‘Hug Me‘, ‘I Got The Blues’ and ‘Liar‘, with the M/V for the former was uploaded at the end of May. The transitional stage between being in WINNER to where he is now presently seems to be conveyed in this album, it shows the potential of Nam Taehyun as an artist.

Artist: Hyorin & Kisum

Release: The former SISTAR member recently collaborated with rapper Kisum for ‘Fruity‘, which is also the fourth song she has featured on this year. The digital track was produced by GroovyRoom, together they created a light, refreshing pop summer song that is relaxing to listen to.

Artist: Crush

Release: The soloist released the track ‘Outside’ with rapper Beenzino having featured in it. The lyrics matched well with the overall carefree vibe, not wasting time and just living within the moment. Crush delivered yet another great R&B song which is perfect song to add to your summer playlist!


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