B.A.P‘s leader and the brain behind their music releases since debut, Bang Yongguk has released his latest solo project song ‘Yamazaki‘ on July 4! After a 6 month hiatus, he returned to promote with his fellow members this year with their 6th Single Album ‘Rose‘ around early March. If you’re familiar with his works as he mostly takes charge of the general production of B.A.P’s music, especially shown from the lyrics that talked about fighting against the injustices of the world since the debut song of his group ‘Warrior‘, ‘One Shot‘ and ‘Bad Man‘.

B.A.P returned with triumph after ‘Young, Wild and Free‘, which put emphasis on regardless if you experience failure and defeat, you just need to keep getting back up again. There’s a deeper meaning hidden in ‘Wake Me Up‘, which tries to illustrate the struggle of going through the motions of life just for the sake of it and trying to break free from the mental constraints that bind us from thinking and acting freely and thus using our voices for the greater good.

Yongguk’s previous work with ‘AM 4:44′ is much more tamer, though heavier in the emotion placed in the lyrics which tried to bring to light his own side of the events that took place during the challenging time when B.A.P were inactive and were fighting against an unfair living, in the one way that he knows how, through the art of music.

The instrumental of the song seemed to take inspiration from traditional Japanese music, with its acoustic undertones. When paired with his baritone voice greeting the listeners, it blends between the transitions of his normal flow as it gradually turns more gritty and grows more guttural as the song rolls on. It’s clear from the chorus as he chants ‘Yamazaki fiercely as if it’s to uphold the honour of the name. The title of the song ‘Yamazaki‘ could be taken in two ways, the first being that they were descendants of a samurai clan from Kawagoe in Japan, which later makes sense for the M/V and the other is that it is also known as a Japanese whisky which could indicate that it could be a play on words.

It’s important to note that it is rated 19 and over, as there is a number of scenes which may be distressing for some viewers. We’ve given the impression from the song and M/V alike that some aspects of Japanese culture played a part in being his muse. We see Yongguk take on the role of a fearsome leader as arrives for some kind of a celebration, acknowledging the cook on the way who seemed to be the only one unscathed at the end of the M/V. He moves to sit at the head of the table with no one protesting and instead the others look on in respect which could imply that Yongguk must have a reputation and isn’t one to be messed with in the plot.

As the drinks continue to flow freely, which was most likely that they were drinking Yamazaki, the M/V is suddenly engulfed in a sea of red. While the alcohol has already started to affect their behaviour, leading to aggressive threats of violence, Yongguk leaves the room, leaving the door open for the armed ninjas to swoop in and presumably murder all those present in the room.  It is only later on that it is revealed that Yongguk is covered in blood which may symbolise that while he may not have killed those men, their cold blood will forever be stained on his hands.

What were your thoughts on the M/V?


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