K-pop groups are known for their synchronisation and choreography so precise they’re out of this world. Fans are left in awe at their dance videos, how they can dance flawlessly even despite slippery stages and rainy weathers. And then Weekly Idol introduces this segment – so here are ten boy groups and girl groups whose hard work and dedication shows that they can even dance to their songs at twice their normal speed, and still pull it off perfectly:

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1. Seventeen, Don’t Wanna Cry

2. Red Velvet, Dumb Dumb

3. Infinite, Be Mine

4. BLACKPINK, Boombaya

5. SHINee, Sherlock

6. WJSN, I Wish

7. GOT7, Hard Carry

8. G-Friend, Navillera

9. Hyuna, Bubble Pop

10. AOA, Good Luck


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