There’s been a new viral challenge floating around the internet these days, and it’s actually a K-Pop related one! It was started by Sheryse Skinner, an 18 year old from Australia who was inspired by one particular move in the choreography from EXO’s comeback track ‘Ko Ko Bop‘.

Sheryse had admitted that she never thought that the video would have gone viral and said, “When I was posting it, my sister also suggested to hashtag it as a challenge just in case anyone decided to do it.

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And so, #KoKoBop had gradually became a trend and quickly spread like wildfire on various social media channels amongst those who may not have been familiar with Korean pop music and K-Pop fans alike. Even the SM label’s twitter account had even acknowledged it by giving the challenge a shoutout!

You can check out the video that started it all below! And many other who have taken on the challenge on Twitter using the hashtag, even the ASC hosts Kevin and Jae having completed the challenge which has been linked in below!

Source: Buzzfeed


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