Soompi has returned this year to bring to you the second season of Rising Legends. For many of you who may not know what the Rising Legends is, it will soon be explained below!

Rising Legends is a fan-voted, international audition event. The previous season was made up of 3 rounds, however for the following season, there will be 4 rounds taking place. In Season 1, the winners of each category (dancing, singing, rapping) received an one-to-one interview with a JYP scout (as the previous season was in association with JYP Entertainment). This year, Rising Legends will be in association with Cube Entertainment, with the lucky final winner receiving the opportunity to be flown out to Korea, where they will be able to audition for Cube Entertainment in person.

The audition process will begin on the 18th of August (you may subscribe via email to be notified of the audition opening date here) where the final winner will be announced on the 20th of October. The judges for this year’s Rising Legends include: JRE (Youtuber), Jeff Benjamin (Senior Digital Editor, Fuse TV), Sarah Han (Staff Writer, Buzzfeed), Tamar Herman (Contributor, Billboard), Holly (Team Manager, Cube Entertainment Artist Development Division) and finally, you! You as fans, will have the opportunity to vote for your favourites to get through each round! The special panel of judges will be evaluating the semi-finalists during the third round. For the first two rounds, the votes will all depend on the fans.

If you would like to enter this year’s competition, simply record a video of you singing, dancing or rapping to a cover song or an original song. The video should be under 1 minute in length. Once you have recorded the video, submit your video the Rising Legends website (the submissions will be open at 7PM PDT (so add 8 hours to the time for the UK!)). You will be able to complete an entry form which you submit along with your video, entry submitted!

For more information about Rising Legends, you can check out their website here. Don’t forget to check out the finalists of last year’s Rising Legends x JYP Entertainment (Season 1) below!


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