K-pop groups are known for their concepts whenever comeback season comes around. From the most-used concepts such as the schoolboy/girl image to more unique experimentations, here are ten concepts we’ve seen groups explore in the past:

Rebellion and Revolution – Big Bang ‘Fantastic Baby’

Marching Band – After School ‘Bang’

Superpowers – EXO ‘Mama’

Futuristic Dystopia – 2NE1 ‘Come Back Home’

Temptation and Sin – BTS ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’

Schoolgirl – GFriend ‘Glass Bead’

Cyborgs – VIXX ‘Error’

80s – Wonder Girls ‘I Feel You’

Spy – Super Junior ‘Spy’

Zodiac – Oh My Girl ‘Closer’

What are your favourite concepts?

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