This week has been full of new tracks and albums, from the highly anticipated BTS comeback, to old-timers Sechskies, there is something for everyone in this week’s Release Round Up!


Release: Monday kicked off with BTS’s explosive comeback Love Yourself. It’s an EP packed with feel-good energy and some high quality pop tracks. It’s done well on the charts, placing on both the i-Tunes charts and Spotify charts around the world. The bright colours in the video for the title song DNA offers an incredibly smooth finish.


Release: On the same day, IU also released the pre-release single “Autumn Morning”. The song has a homely feeling, and the music video features family life, offering a similar relaxing, mellow feeling. This was ahead of her remake album A Flower Bookmark 2, released on Friday 22nd September.

Seo Eunkwang (BTOB)

Release: BTOB have been releasing solo digital singles of each of its members since April 2017, through the project Piece of BTOB. Seo Eunkwang has released the title track “One Day” of the seventh volume of Piece of BTOB. It’s a classical ballad which expresses a touching apology after a breakup from a romantic partner.


Release: April have released their fourth mini album, Eternity. Its six songs are sensitive and soft, but also feature some interestingly strong pop beats. Those in the lead single “Take My Hand” are countered with the use of string instruments in the background. Check out the girls’s lead comeback single below!

Niel (Teen Top) X JUSTHIS

Release: Teen Top are known for their fantastic dance skills, so a dance video was the perfect way for member Niel to display his collaboration with JUSTHIS on “What’s Good?”. It’s a really energetic tune, contrasting Niel’s soft vocals perfectly.

Odd Eye Circle (LOOΠΔ)

Release: Mix & Match is the name of the mini album the group released this week. It has a single title track, “Girl Front” is a quirky, upbeat electro-infused pop track, with several melodies intertwined into it. It’s a great introduction track if you’re new to the group.


Release: The group released a new full length, Another Light on 21st September. It’s accompanied by two new singles, “Something Special” and “Smile”, the latter being an insland-esque jam perfect for the summer!


Release: The hip-hop/R&B artist dropped his mini-album BOYCOLD on 21st September. The lead single “Get That Money” has a sound not dissimilar to Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO TOUR Llif3”. Give it a listen below!


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