KNK have recently returned with their latest comeback ‘Rain’ after attending the London Korean Festival with Feel Korea last month! The 5 member boy group, best known for their incredible heights and vocals gave us the opportunity to interview them before the release of their repackaged album, Gravity, Completed.

Please introduce yourselves to our readers! 

L-R: Jihun, Inseong, Seungjun, Heejun, Youjin

J: Hello, I’m KNK’s leader Jihun and I’m responsible for the choreography.

I: Hello, I’m Inseong, and I’m in charge of vocals.

S: Hello, I’m Seungjun, the biggest member of KNK.

H: Hello, I’m Heejun, the singer and maknae of KNK.

Y: Hello, I’m KNK’s Youjin!!

Despite only having debuted last year, you’ve been incredibly busy releasing new music, with 2 EPs and 4 official MVs under your belt already and you’re just about to have another comeback, can you tell us a little bit about this release?

“After our last album ‘Sun, Moon, Star’ we had to make a super speedy comeback because we wanted to quickly meet our fans.” Youjin states whilst Seungjun adds: We made our comeback with a repackage of ‘Gravity’ called ‘Gravity, Completed’. The title is called ‘Rain’ and the hit song writer Kim Taeju gave it to us whilst Choi Yongjun created the choreography. It’s a song expressing the separation of a lover and it’s a charming song which takes advantage of its choreography.”

Jihun continues to mention “As it is also raining these days, this song is a good song to listen to” whilst Heejun describes it as “a song which touches your heart.” On behalf of KNK, Inseong shares with us to “please give it lots of love.” when referring to their new song.

Your first EP even made it to number 14 on the Billboard World charts, how would you feel to break into the top 10?

“Oh! I really wanted to enter the BIllboard charts at least once! I think it would be honourable!” Youjin responds, as Jihun agrees to it being an honourable experience. “I think I would be really thankful and even more thankful” Heejun adds, with both Inseong and Seungjun mentioning that they would be “really happy” even to the extent of wanting to enter the charts again, if they had the opportunity to do so.

Following a successful performance at KCON NY in June, you made your European debut at the Feel Korea concert in London on July 8th, how would you describe the experience? Would you visit the UK for a solo concert? 

Jihun begins “because of the time difference it was a bit exhausting, but it was still really fun, and if I could hold a concert I would definitely want to do it”. Heejun following his response, also agreed that “adapting to the time difference was exhausting” but was very happy with the “hot response” they received!

“As I could see a lot of fans with a lot of passion, I really liked it and I really wanted to go the UK” Youjin states, “I liked it so much that we had an opportunity to hold a concert there and would like to perform again in the UK! Even if it means having a concert alone for KNK, I would like to run it!”

Seungjun reminisces his experiences, stating “it was a really fun and happy memory for me.” whilst Inseong talks about his feelings after holding their performance. “While holding the performance in London, I felt that I would once again want to hold a solo concert in London for sure.”.

The group performed all their title songs so far at the Feel Korea concert, including: Knock, Back Again, U and Sun, Moon Star! Fans were also luckily enough to hear an exclusive live rendition of their Ed Sheeran cover of ‘Thinking Out Loud’! We hope that fans will be able to see KNK once again in their very own solo stage in the UK!

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If you could perform on any stage in the world, where would you hold your dream concert?

Inseong begins mentioning “I want to hold a KNK concert in New York”, as Jihun agrees. Youjin on the other hand, moves towards Europe for his concert venue selection, saying “I want to hold it in Spain!”. However, it seems like the American city is a popular choice for the group as Seungjun states, “New York” along with additional European cities such as “London”, “Paris” as well as “a world tour”. It seems like he’s going for a big one, could a world tour be in sight? Heejun also mentions that he “wants to do a world tour”! European fans, maybe it’s time for a European tour with KNK! Would you be interested?

Several of the KNK members are fans of hip-hop music, would you ever do a hip-hop style song or a collaboration with a hip hop artist. If you would collaborate, who would you collaborate with?

The KNK members respond with quite a variety, ranging from producers, to idol rappers to singers. But other than hip-hop artists, it seems like there are other possible collaborations which are to await for as Heejun mentions “I want to do a collaboration with Baek Yerin sunbae.” Baek Yerin is best known as a member of 15& as well as a soloist – she also happens to be fluent in English!

Jihun on the other hand, states “I want to collaborate with Jooyoung sunbae.” The artist who joined Starship Entertainment as of 2014, is best known for his tracks such as ‘Wet’ featuring Superbee, ‘Erase’ in which he collaborated with Hyorin featuring Iron, as well as his popular cover of Jeff Bernat’s ‘Call You Mine’.

Another Starship Entertainment artist is mentioned, as Inseong talks about how he “wants to do a collaboration with Monsta X’s Jooheon.” Monsta X’s Jooheon has largely participated in co-producing, and co-writing lyrics of Starship Entertainment artists’ songs. In relation to hip-hop, the star has also participated in the likes of the ‘Tribe of Hip-Hop’ as well as the popular rap competition, ‘Show Me The Money’ where he participated in Season 4 of the show. Whilst the other artists mentioned for collaborations range more from ballads, to R&B, Jooheon can be described as an idol rapper with many hip-hop features.

Moving away from the idol scene, we look more towards the K-Hip Hop scene which has become largely popular in the UK. Seungjun states “I want to do a collaboration with Crush sunbae”. The star, who has previously attended the UK for a concert (which sold out, leading to a second date!) is largely known for his hip-hop tracks blended with R&B. Currently, Crush actively participates as a member of ‘Fanxychild’, a hip-hop group which consists of Zico, Millic,  Staytuned, Penomeco as well as DEAN. Check out one of their most popular representative songs ‘Bermuda Triangle’:

Last but not least, Youjin decides to opt for two potential collaborations saying “I want to do a collaboration with Jay Park sunbae or with Groovy Room sunbae.” With Groovy Room now under Jay Park’s new label, H1GHR Music, maybe the collaboration could be a possibility! Jay Park who is best known for being the co-founder for two companies such as AOMG and H1GHR Music has made numerous of popular releases such as ‘Me Like Yuh’, ‘Mommae’ featuring Ugly Duck, ‘You Know’ featuring Okasian and more. Meanwhile, Groovy Room are best known as Yelows Mob members, as well as producers with Jay’s new label. They closely work with Jay Park as well as Sik-K (members of Yelows Mob and an artist under H1GHR Music). Examples of their productions include: Eung Freestyle, Sik-K’s ‘Party (Shut Down)’ ft. CRUSH and Jay Park x Dok2’s ‘MOST HATED’.

Does KNK have any members who are interested in song writing and producing?

Jihun, Seungjun and Inseong all share their thoughts about Youjin and Heejun in particular, as both Jihun and Inseong mention “Youjin hyung and Heejun participate in writing and composing”. Additionally, Seungjun also mentions that “Youjin and Heejun always participate in their albums”.

After noting that Youjin and Heejun were the most active members in regards to writing and composing, we were curious to hear their responses. Youjin states “I participated in the album together with Heejun, but if I’m given the opportunity to do so, I want to participate in even more. I want to write lyrics, compose, arrange and do everything.” On the other hand, Heejun expresses “I have a lot of interest in composing and writing lyrics”.

For the recently release EP, ‘Gravity, Completed’, it was revealed that Youjin wrote and co-composed the second track ‘Good Night’ whilst the third track ‘Feel So Good’ was written and co-composed by Heejun.

If KNK had 24 hours off from the idol life to do anything (without being recognised), what would each member like to do?

“I want to dress comfortably as well as eat chicken and drink beer at Hangang” says Youjin. The popular activity amongst Koreans is the combination of chicken and beer otherwise known as ‘chimaek (치맥)’, with many Korean locals eating the popular combo at Hangang! On the other hand, Seungjun mentions “I want to go on a trip with my family” whilst Jihun says that he would “want to play/hang out with friends”.

Heejun opts for a more relaxing activity, as he states “I want to go to the sea and play”. With many beaches around the country such as Eurwangni beach (을왕리해수욕장) located in Incheon as well as Haeundae beach (해운대해수욕장) located in Busan, we hope that Heejun would have an opportunity to visit the sea and enjoy himself! In contrast, Inseong talks about an activity relating to his musical career. “I want to do a busking performance in every country in the world” says Inseong. A difficult challenge to complete in 24 hours, but definitely something worth dreaming for.

Where in the world would each member love to travel to?

With so many places to travel to, from countries to individual places, England was chosen by two of the members to travel to! Seungjun begins by stating “I want to go to the Harry Potter studio and Disney world.” The notable film/book series, ‘Harry Potter’ originating from England, is one of the most recognised features to people coming to England. Along with the Harry Potter studios, King’s Cross station is also very popular among Harry Potter fans for Platform 9 3/4 – Do you think Seungjun should visit there too? Meanwhile, Inseong says “I want to go to the stadium of the English Premier League.” Inseong is not the only idol who has been interested England’s football scene, EXO’s Kai, Sehun and Suho as well as SHINee’s Minho have previously attended football matches in England!

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On the other hand, Jihun and Youjin talk about places within their home country of South Korea. Jihun mentions “I want to go to Daegu to play” whilst Youjin on the other hand states “I want to go to Busan to play/hang out there”. Where would you prefer to go? Daegu or Busan? Heejun rather than focusing on a specific destination, decides once again to opt for a more relaxing option, saying “I want to go to the hot springs.”

If the KNK members could have any super powers, what would they be?

Inseong goes “I think it would be good to have the ability to turn back time.” however Jihun decides instead “I want to have the ability to control time haha.” If we are talking about time, it seems that Jihun has the upper hand against Inseong with his super power!

Seungjun mentions that he would “want to become an invisible man”. As a fan of Harry Potter, the best option would be to discover the invisibility cloak it seems! On the other hand, Youjin thinks wisely, believing that the best option would be “to have the ability to turn anything into gold”. Heejun who seems to be a fan of Marvel states “I want to have Thor’s ability.”

Finally, could you please give a message to the UnitedKpop readers and your fans here in the UK?

We thought that it would be best for the members to give their own personal messages to you!

Jihun: UKP readers, UK fans and Tinkerbells, we will work hard and will show you a lot of cool performances on stage, so please take care of us/support us in the future. Thank you~

Youjin: To our Tinkerbells, I want to go to the UK again to hold a concert. I will work hard and will surely come once again. Please wait a bit and give us lots of love~ [making a heart]

Heejun: I’m really thankful to you all for always giving us your love and showing your interest. I will grow up quickly!

Seungjun: Please give KNK’s song, ‘Rain’ a lot of love and we will become a KNK who will work hard in the future as well. Thank you. Tinkerbells, I love you.

Inseong: To all of our English fans, I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart for always giving KNK your love. KNK’s Inseong is always thinking about their English fans and I want to meet you a lot!!! I want to see you again!!!



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