iKON’s Bobby is releasing his first full-length studio album Love and Fall in the next 24 hours! Teasers so far seem to be showing a gentler yet cheeky side of the rapper.

Bobby made his debut as a solo artist in September last year with HOLUP, part of a four-track EP The Mobb, a subunit with fellow IKON member Mino.

At that time, the duo promoted together as MOBB – but this is his first full on solo release. Bobby, real name Kim Jiwon, was born in Seoul, but grew up in the US before moving back to Korea, so he’s bilingual.

He’s well known outside of iKON for winning the third series of rap show Show Me The Money – and being the youngest competitor to do so.

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But Bobby must be well known to reality TV addicts in Korea – as prior to Show Me the Money, he took part in the YG show WIN: Who is Next, and was one of Team B, who appeared in Taeyang’s Ringa Linga MV. After the success of Show Me the Money, he appeared on Mnet’s Mix and Match, ultimately landing him his spot in iKON.

Keep an eye out on IKON’s YouTube for Bobby’s new MVs today!

Bonus: Bobby first thing on a morning – on yet another reality show


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