DAY6 returns for Every DAY6 October with new songs and a music video. The title track ‘When You Love Someone’ continues the slow, melodic sounds of Every DAY6 September’s ‘I Love You’. With the way things are going, it seems that the second half of this project showcases DAY6’s mellow sounds and song choices hinted at in July’s single, ‘Hello’.

Released a week before its usual release date of ‘the sixth day of the month’, ‘When You Love Someone’ acts as the continuation of the storyline featured in ‘What Can I Do’ and ‘I Loved You’. With lilting pianos and drum beat, the lyrics sways between sad nostalgia and marvel at that special someone’s beauty, ‘it’s so strange when you love someone’.

What stood out in this particular song are the member’s voices. Arguably, unlike past songs, the simple drum beat and piano keys clear the way to really appreciate each member’s distinctive voices and focus on the developing storyline in the music video.


The accompanying song for October is ‘I Need Someone’. With a flourishing piano, and the sudden rise of a guitar during the bold chorus, this song took a surprise turn after the mellow, slow songs DAY6 has released this past few months. It feels like this song is strong enough to stand as a single for another month rather than a B-side track. There’s something different with this one, something that makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre it falls into.

You got to give it to DAY6 for continuously releasing songs every month and something new to keep interest on top of that. We can only look forward to how this project culminates as Every DAY6 nears the year’s end.



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