Three years have passed and there was still an uncertainty whether the hip-hop trio would have made their return this year. However, it was later announced near the end of September that they will making their awaited comeback with a album completed with a handful of features from top artists in the industry. Looking how the album’s been shaped upon it’s release, it’s not one to be missed!

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There’s certainly a reminiscent feeling about this track, it’s the kind of song you’d listen to when you’re in a thoughtful mood. There’s always been an appeal to Epik High and the feature of Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk makes it all the more of an relaxing song. It does seem to border on being bittersweet, opening up an avenue of sobering ideas that you only start to realise when you get older. It’s easy to dream big when you’re young, to have aspirations of where you want to be, the ideas of how your place will fit into society, that maybe as time goes on, your life will get better.

Because that’s what people tend to say, ‘it’ll get better‘. And while this can provide motivation for people, for others it could create perhaps, an unrealistic expectation. And if they don’t achieve their set goals or reach a level that they aimed for by a certain age, it could act as a deterrent and thus result in the person looking sight of what’s important. Success isn’t always a defining factor, it’s often the resilience, frustration and patience that are some of the driving forces. It’s something that you can have one moment and the next, the scales tip and the spotlight’s on someone else.

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Just like with the music alone, the fluid cinematography works to capture the disillusioned adults in society. The ones who conjured high expectations of how life would be, the struggle to accept the the death of a dream and loneliness is much louder and present than they ever thought it would be. They look back on their younger days wistfully, the naive, boldly optimistic outlook on life replaced with a lingering sense of disappointment of learning how the world works and fatigue of being unable to handle the weight and pressures hanging off their shoulders. Though, as the M/V transitions into ‘Love Story’, it looks as if it could be symbolic to the imagery of the clouds moving away to reveal a beautiful blue sky to open a new chapter in their lives.


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