SEVENTEEN have certainly been a group to watch, since they had their debut in 2014 they have been receiving increased recognition and love over the years! Particularly over here in the UK, their last album ‘AI1‘ charted at #20 on the iTunes Album Chart, which shows just an example of how much support they have overseas!

The Pledis boy group were also recently nominated for ‘Best Korea Act’ at this year’s MTV EMA! So if you want to vote for SEVENTEEN, make sure you click the link below.

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If you’re not familiar with how Seventeen works, to give a brief breakdown of the group, it’s comprised of thirteen members. Each member belongs into one of the three subunits that exist within the group which include the ‘Vocal Team‘, ‘Hip-Hop Team’ and lastly ‘Performance Team‘. The latter released a video for ‘Highlight‘ in December last year and as you may have guessed it was largely choreography based.

On September 24, they revealed their latest three-membered group which features the leaders from all three sub-units S.Coups (Hip-Hop), Woozi (Vocal) and Hoshi (Performance). While this song isn’t officially released with their upcoming album is on the horizon in November, this prompts an infectious groovy feeling. Seventeen’s in-house producer Woozi has once again delivered another catchy track that we’ll definitely have on repeat! It’s a wonder how we haven’t had a song from S.Coups, Hoshi and Woozi before!

We get almost a groovy kind of vibe with the old-school style looking to be throwback. Scenes are kept simple, though the overall editing really makes the video interesting to watch. Something that really stands out is the chemistry between all the members in this sub-unit, how the musical dynamics with trio working together to compliment the other’s talents. You can tell just by watching the video that they’ve become natural, seasoned artists. Each member may symbolise different aspects that show fundamentally why they were chosen to be the leaders of their respective fields.

Starting off with Hoshi as he opens up the song, which perhaps could be a nod towards his role with planning out the group’s choreography and how he helps create the opening moments of their performances. Then with the scenes moving to showcase the cool image of Seventeen’s leader and rapper S.Coups which then switches to him standing before a bright yellow wall. This could mirror his bubbly personality and overall positive outlook and finally with Woozi who is surrounded by hundreds of crumpled music sheets – which could give an insight to show how determined he is, no matter how many songs or attempts it would take, until he’s satisfied with how the song turns out. Ultimately, these are just a few examples taken, but nevertheless shows that each member acts as a strong and supportive pillar for the others, and that’s why they’re the leaders.


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