It’s been well over a year since AOA’s leader Jimin had a solo project, but she’s back this week with Hallelujah.

The track is a latin pop dance track with a sexy feel, and this time, rather than collaborating with another artist, Jimin collaborated with W Korea magazine to launch her comeback, Ready to Jimin – #RTJ.

26-year-old Shin Jimin is the leader and main rapper of FNC girls group AOA. She debuted with the group in 2012, and is a member of subunit AOA Black. She’s known for being able to speak Chinese thanks to a study abroad stint in her younger years, plus being able to play the piano, harmonica and guitar. In 2015 she was a semi-finalist on the female rap show Unpretty Rapstar and released two successful collabs from the show.

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In total contrast to that sexy rap image, her first official solo release was the gentler Call You Bae with EXO’s Xiumin, last year.

Jimin’s had a busy year so far, as AOA released their first studio album Angel’s Knock, celebrated their 5th anniversary, and as we reported, she was recently in London.

Bonus: A mokbang by Jimin and fellow AOA member Seolhyun


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