BTS have kicked off their US takeover this week, making various guest appearances of some of the biggest shows in America with ‘The Late Late Show‘ with James Corden being the first!

We reported that the Big Hit group were set to be performing on this show, with their performance segment for their latest hit title track ‘DNA‘ having been sold out! The British host had announced on Twitter that he was pleased to have the boys on ‘The Late Late Show‘ and to stay tuned for the upcoming broadcast!

He tweeted on several occasions about BTS, unable to hold in his excitement and self-proclaimed that he’s their biggest fan and that “these guys are incredible” which you can see below!

Bang Shi Hyuk recently uploaded his conversation with BTS regarding their performance on the show, with J-Hope commenting “Oh yeah, the audience reactions were the best” and V adding “Thanks to James, we felt comfortable while filming“. With Suga’s following statement, “It’s so fascinating to see in real life the things we saw on YouTube”, it’s a wonder how the members are taking all of this in. For a group that started off with low prospects during their debut days, it’s admirable to see that they really have made it big.

Are you looking forward to watching BTS’ future TV ventures in the US?


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