The Lovelyz girls are back with their 3rd mini album ‘Fall In Lovelyz‘, which was officially returned on November 14 and marked the third comeback this year from this group! For this SOTW, we’ll be looking at their title track ‘Twinkle‘, which suits the upcoming festive period!

It’s starts off as a lighthearted track then quickly turns into what could potentially sound like the opening song to an anime show. The lyrics makes a number of references to their desire to hear the ‘twinkle’, a sound that may symbolise the emotions of love. From the very beginning to the end, it’s sprinkled with a cute kind of energy. The harmonies during the pre-chorus added a nice touch to the track before picking up the pace in the upbeat chorus.

The colour red is prominent in this music video, the overall theme looks to be inspired by the holiday season, which is often regarded as a special time where you spend with your loved ones. The girls show off their appeal in a cute manner and there’s a certain warmth that radiates from this video. The fairy lights and snow near the end adds a touch of magic and makes it look enchanting!

You can check out the M/V below!


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