There was a video uploaded by MyMusicTaste which invited fans of The Rose, aka Black Roses, to let them know where they would like the band to come to perform!

While Bali was one of the first suggestions from the members due to the island’s warm climate and also Southeast Asia was also discussed because these countries are quite close to Korea. Jajoon was the first to request to perform in the US and last but by no means least, Jaehyung spoke about his wish to come to Europe!

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He went on to say they could speak ‘British’ and also British pop got a shout-out! The members seem excited at the prospect of performing in as many countries as they can to share their music with their fans. And so, they have made the request that if you’d like to see The Rose in your home country then you can visit MyMusicTaste’s website here and make it happen! You can watch the full video here!


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