This will mark Red Velvet’s third comeback this year, promoting alongside TWICE with their 2nd full album ‘Perfect Velvet‘ which was released today on November 17!

The 4th EP Rookie‘ charted at #26 in February followed with the release of their 5th EP ‘Red Summer‘ which went on to peak at their highest chart position at #19!

Currently, ‘Perfect Velvet‘ has peaked at #26, sharing the achievement with ‘Rookie’! Do you think they’ll continue to rise in the charts? We’ll keep you posted for further updates! You can purchase the album on iTunes here for £5.99 and you can also stream it on Spotify once it becomes available!

[UPDATE 18/11/17] The album had risen up three places to #23 on the UK iTunes album chart!

The M/V for their title track ‘Peek-A-Boo‘ screams of post-Halloween vibes. It’ll definitely be a treat for their fans to watch! The girls pull off the whole murderous vixen images they’ve got going on for this music video to tie along with their ‘velvet’ side which is the first time we’ve seen it for the girls’ 2017 comeback videos!


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