TAEMIN had captured the spotlight with his gracefully alluring choreographies and smooth vocals with his 2nd album ‘MOVE’. In a recent interview with Taylor Glasby for Another Man, the SHINee member and successful soloist talks about identity, duality, inspiration and creative expression.

The interview begins with TAEMIN’s comments on ‘MOVE’, and his goals as an artist carrying the many side he wishes to show: ‘There’s so much more that I’d like to show, which is why I try different and new things […] All of my albums are who I was at that time in my life, and MOVE closely represents who I am today.’

You can really see his fascination with and passion for dancing, something TAEMIN has been known for even in his early days, as he recounts the making of MOVE’s choreography with Japanese choreographer Koharu Sugawara, ‘When I watch her, I can instantly interpret what she’s feeling at that moment rather than admiring her choreography.’

The interview continues with discussing the pressures of this musical experimentation, noting how he ‘could have chosen a safer route.’ But with a wish to continue improving, TAEMIN acknowledges that the safe route is not for him – he ‘wanted to expand [Kpop’s] musical spectrum.’

‘I will continuously challenge myself to find diverse ways to express my music,’ the interview ends with TAEMIN’s wish and challenge to himself. It’s truly an interesting read from an artist, now with nearly ten years of experience in the industry, and an insight into the creative vision of a musician with so much more to show. You can read the full interview, and watch the accompanying video, here!


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