EXID returned this week with their 2nd comeback this year on November 7! While the group isn’t fully active, it’s certainly a positive note that Solji was able to take part in the making of their newest album ‘Full Moon‘! For this week’s SOTW, we’ll be looking at their title track ‘Dul Dul Dul’!

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Starting off with the title that’s used in the M/V ‘DDD’ for this track isn’t really a word, instead the meaning behind the song title refers to the motion of shaking or trembling – which makes more sense knowing the context when watching the video. Looking at the lyrics, it’s about a guy who consistently lies through his teeth and the girls are telling him to stop shaking and to tell the truth but can’t help but still feel the attraction for him. The beat does have a similar feel to their past hit songs, though the girls use this as a strength in releasing a track that has an addictive earworm beat that combines their sultry charms together in one shot. Shinsadong Tiger, LE and V!VE share the credit for writing the lyrics and composing this song.

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The ladies clearly aren’t here to play games in this music video which almost seems like ‘Up & Down 2.0‘ – the track that drew attention to this group in 2014. They’ve matured a substantial amount since then and it really just show here. There’s references made throughout the video to temperature changes, dropping from hot to cold and vice versa which could symbolise having mixed signals. With the smouldering gazes and sensual choreography to pair with the infectious song, it’s everything you’d expect from a standard EXID M/V!


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