The American President Donald Trump recently toured Asia, stopping off in five different countries including China, Japan and South Korea. The twelve day trip which ended on 7th November 2017 was the longest overseas trip by an American leader in 25 years.

Trump brought the First Lady, Melania with him. At one event, in which she was promoting the Winter Olympics which are set to take place in Pyeongchang next year, she was spotted greeting people with ShinEE’s Choi Minho. A South Korean student didn’t realise that she was standing in-front of the idol and actor whilst talking to Melania Trump, and after noticing that a fellow student had reacted to standing by the star, she reacted in an enthusiastic manner! The video has gone so viral that even the BBC has covered it!


Watch the video below! How would you react if you were standing next to your favourite idol?


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