It’s that time of year again where cold winds begin to blow through leafless trees, the sky darkens to night much earlier, and you bury yourself in layers to keep the cold at bay. So, here are ten songs to cuddle up with a warm mug of tea, a layer of blankets and the lights dimmed:

Soma – Someday + Face Me

Epic High – Here Come The Regrets (feat. Lee Hi)

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DPR LIVE – Jasmine

ELO – Tattoo (feat. Jay Park)

Wookey – Glisten

Yong Jun Hyung – Wonder If (feat. Heize)

STi – I Am You, You Are Me

EZ Kim – Place (feat. Taylor)

20 Years of Age – Not Him

Crucial Start – Study Abroad (feat. Han-All)

Offonoff – Cigarette (feat. Miso, Tablo)


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