For this week’s Fan Talent, we have selected Ysabelle Cuevas! If you don’t know her already, she’s a YouTuber-musician who you may have recognised if you have been following Soompi’s Rising Legends!

Ysabelle Cuevas was born on the 2nd of September 1996 (21 years old) in Lucena City, Philippines. However, she moved to California, USA and is now currently studying nursing. Her ultimate bias in K-POP is BTS’ V (Occasionally Suga too – A bias wrecker she mentioned!)

The internet star began her YouTube journey on the 17th of March in 2010, and since then has built up a rising fanbase. Despite originally starting her YouTube for the purpose of sharing videos for her mother to remain connected with her mother working abroad, she eventually began to focus on her YouTube for herself. This led her to producing singing covers on YouTube, and now considers it as a past time hobby of hers. Regarding her K-POP renditions, she is best known for producing English remakes of popular Korean songs such as Seventeen’s ‘Don’t Wanna Cry‘, BTS’ ‘Spring Day‘ as well as Taeyang’s ‘Wake Me Up‘.

FUN FACT: Ysabelle’s favourite Korean drama is Goblin. Check out her cover of Chanyeol x Punch’s ‘Stay With Me’ from the Korean drama, Goblin below:

With over 370,000 subscribers and over 60 million views, the American-Filipino YouTube musician showcases her various musical skills from the likes of her vocals, to songwriting as well as her guitar-playing and piano skills. FUN FACT: Ysabelle started playing guitar at the age of 14, whilst she supposedly started singing from the age of 2! As well as singing in Korean for some of her covers, she has also performed renditions of popular English songs from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and more. She has also taken the chance to perform songs in her home language, performing Filipino songs such as ‘Tuloy Pa Rin‘ by Neocolours which has accumulated over 7.8 million views, seemingly her most popular upload on YouTube!

Referring back to the Soompi’s Rising Legends contest, the 21-year old placed 1st out of the singers’ category. The contest ran with the award being an opportunity to fly to Korea to audition for Cube Entertainment. Despite not winning overall, she was still able to top the singers’ category. She performed a range of YG artists’ songs for her pieces ranging from 2NE1, to GD, to BIGBANG, and as for her final performance, she did a rendition of Lee Hi’s Breathe. You can check out her entries for Soompi’s Rising Legends here.

Furthermore, Ysabelle was fortunate enough to be recognised by the likes of Taeyang, who reposted her cover of ‘Wake Me Up’ onto his Instagram. Along with reposting her cover, he captioned the post with a comment of appreciation and gratitude towards the YouTube star.

It was later found that the YouTuber had attended Taeyang’s ‘White Night’ Tour in San Jose and had informed him about reposting her video, after obtaining the opportunity at the send-off in San Jose. What’s more, she was fortunate enough to end up performing at Taeyang’s ‘White Night’ tour in LA a few days later, after previously attending his San Jose concert. To find out more about her story, you can check out her personal experience via her Instagram below:


If you’re interested in checking out Ysabelle’s performance of ‘Wake Me Up’ at Taeyang’s ‘White Night’ Tour in LA, check out the clip below. She also has a short interaction on stage with Taeyang himself.

If you appreciate her talents and want more, don’t forget to subscribe to her social media links below:


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