RIP Kim Jonghyun

1990 – 2017

You did well. Thank you for everything.

Many are still trying to process the tragic events that transpired on Monday following the announcement that the adored SHINee member, Kim Jonghyun, had sadly passed away.

Whether you were a fan of Jonghyun’s back he had his official debut with his fellow group members in 2008 or a more recent fan, SHINee was a group that was always fondly looked upon and one that was a cherished treasure in K-Pop. Millions of fans around the world mourn his sudden death, unifying from different fandoms to comfort one another in this time of grieving. Multiple news outlets have been talking about Jonghyun’s passing across the globe, with some highlighting the severe consequences of a neglected and failing system in South Korea which disregards the importance of mental health.

Yesterday, during a broadcast on BBC 5 Drive Live, Billboard columnist Jeff Benjamin discussed with Rachael Bland about SHINee’s Jonghyun, with the segment opening up with one of their hit songs ‘Sherlock‘ at 52:25. The words ‘SHINee’s back‘ that had initially drew excitement from fans in 2012 now leaves a sombre effect. Jeff composed the highlights of Jonghyun’s career in SHINee and as a soloist and his incomparable talents as a singer and brought to attention that despite language and distance barriers, the online K-Pop community came together to grieve for Kim Jonghyun, you can listen to this here.


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