Next week is Christmas and its feeling really festive in the K-pop world. As the end of year shows approaching, artists are trying to release more music to fit the holiday season before the end of 2017. Let’s check out this week’s latest releases!


Singer Younha has not been very active but has decided to return with a new single called “Hello”. This track portrays a message of comfort to those who are sending away old memories. It’s a mellow track which has a perfect warm message for the cold winter weather. This track includes a newly rapper PH-1 and the lyrics are written by Younha and Kim Eana.


TWICE is back with a new song perfect for this season. They had an amazing year and in order to end the year with a bang, they have released a new song called “Heart Shaker”. This is perfect for the getting you into the Christmas spirit.  The song is composed by David Amber and Sean Alexander with the lyrics by Galatika. This song is very bold with cute lyrics about being brave in confessing your feelings for someone.


Taeyeon has had a strong year so far, and to end the year on a high, she has released a Christmas ballad. The track is called “This Christmas“.It’s a perfect listen to this Christmas season. The producers have been clever to not drench the track with sleigh bells but go for a sombre theme in the track. Her voice really works for the track and she has a powerful vocal which suits the track.

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B.A.P has recently come back with a new song called “Hands Up ”. This is the title track of their eighth single album EGO. This song is an electronic hip-hop track with a strong trap beat with an addicting lead synth sound. B.A.P style of music is always delivering an inspiring message. This track is no different and this track is encouraging people to break away from the walls of prejudice locking them up.


2017 has been a standout year for female soloists in the K-pop. Soyou used to be a band Sistar. They disbanded in June. Soyou has decided to be a soloist. She is flourishing and her latest single “The Night” is a great song to listen to on the cold winter nights. This is a soft midtempo song and with her raspy voice, it is well suited to the lyrics. Along with the rap duo the Geeks, it matches with the song vibe with a relaxed flow.

Kim Junsu and Im Chang Jung

JYJ Kim Junsu and Im Chang Jung have released a special soul ballad duet. The song is called “We Were” and both artists slay with their vocals. The vocals in this song are powerful and harmonious making it a delight to listen on a cold winter night. This duet song was recorded prior to Kim Junsu enlistment in February.



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