One of the biggest soloists in K-Pop has returned this week, and it’s none other than Hyuna! She had her first comeback back at the end of August with ‘Following‘, her 6th EP and now she’s released this single as a gift to her fans for their continued support!

The title track of her latest comeback sounds a touch softer than the others that she’s brought out, while it’s not lacking in self-confidence in the slightest. From a first listen to the latter track, the idea of a ‘one trick pony’ may come to mind, but there’s something about Hyuna that keeps evolving as an artist. In contrast to ‘Babe‘, which stands to be the tamest comeback she’s ever done, she’s gone back to her roots with ‘Lip & Hip‘.

The nice thing about Hyuna is that looking back at her releases in the past, you can see her covering different concepts over the years. All the while, consistently being loyal towards the more sexy styles, though she’s certainly a natural at it and grown comfortable as seen in her music videos and performances.

Right off the bat, there’s no playing around at the opening of the M/V. But if you’re familiar with Hyuna, you’d know that she’s pretty daring with the videos since she had her debut as a soloist and has a cool aura about her. As we’ve mentioned, there’s an element of casual confidence with her so she pulls off the concept well. From the lyrics, it seemed to be talking about wearing accessories to further enhance her features to give her an extra boost to feel good about herself.

What did you think about the song?

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