Rapper Giriboy released his 4th album Graduation this week. The title track is TV Star (Featuring Kim Seung Min), which was released last month.

Giriboy, real name Hong Siyoung, debuted in 2011 with his first release under Just Music Entertainment, a label founded by rapper Swings, and he’s still with the same label. While writing, recording and releasing his own music, he’s also appeared on two audition-style shows, Show Me the Money season 3 and No Mercy, when he did a collab with established rappers, and the future members of Monsta X.

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Giriboy played a set in London as part of Cult of Ya’s Currency Exchange show last year, and UKP asked him some reader questions about his inspiration, his fashion sense, and some of his favourite things. Read the interview here.

Check out Giriboy’s official Instagram and Soundcloud.
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