Suran last month released a new collaboration with Crush, known as ‘Love Story’. The collaboration created a soothing rendition which combined Suran’s unique and warming vocals, along with Crush’s very own R&B style vocals. The music video conveys the beginnings of a sweet romance represented between the two in the MV.

The notable singer, has developed rising recognition in the Korean music industry this year. Despite debuting in 2014, she was best recognised for her single release of ‘Wine’, earlier this year. The track otherwise known as ‘If I get drunk today’, was produced by BTS’ Suga, whilst featuring rapper, Changmo. The track peaked at No.2 on the Gaon Digital Chart and sold over 500,000 digital downloads. Interested in her track ‘Wine’? Why not check out the making film here! Furthermore, at the 2017 Melon Music Awards she won the best R&B/Soul award for ‘Wine/If I Get Drunk Today’ as well as the hot trend award for her collaboration with Suga.

However, as previously stated, Suran debuted in 2014. She originally debuted in a duo called LODIA. Along with her duo partner, Effy, they debuted under ATC Entertainment, with their debut track ‘I Got A Feeling’. At the time, Suran was known as Elena in the duo.

FUN FACT: As well as her birth name: Shin Suran, she’s also been known as Elena as well as Baily Shoo.

What’s particularly interesting about this debut was the fact it drove away from the K-POP scene and was actually rather americanised. The track incorporates the electro-EDM style which is particularly unique as their debut occurred in 2014. The duo appealed the audience with a sexy-concept however eventually disbanded. Suran then began to release her own solo music, beginning from her first single release called ‘The Feel’ in the same year! The solo provided her the opportunity to convey her talents and in turn exhibited her capabilities as a solo artist. Moreover, the solo was self-composed and produced!

As well as producing tracks, Suran has also participated in a couple of TV shows. One of the shows includes the likes of King of the Masked Singer, where she participated in the 93rd and 94th episode in the 47th Generation Mask King. Suran went under the alias ‘Skip to the end, Hello’ where she made it to the 3rd round before she lost ‘Hoppang Prince’ otherwise known as Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky. In the first round, she battled against Park Hyesoo under the alias of ‘Never-ending Merry-go-round’, where they completed in a song battle of TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle.

However, in recent days, she is currently on the JTBC survival show, known as MIXNINE where she is working as a vocal mentor for the female trainees on the show. The show which is currently airing featuring previous Produce 101 S2 contestants e.g. Woo JInyoung, as well as KNK and Dreamcatcher members! Don’t forget to catch her on the show which is currently airing at the moment!

More Facts about Suran:

  • Born in Busan, South Korea
  • She was a computer science major in college
  • Her birthday is the 15th of July 1986
  • However, she didn’t start singing till her early 20’s
  • Some of her idols include Amy Winehouse and Kimbra

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