We are in the second week of the New Year and January is the month where many we have many comebacks from bands. We have got some great releases from Infinite, Block B and a new JYP rookie group: Stray Kids. Let’s check out this week’s latest releases!

Stray Kids 

Stray Kids is a new rookie group from JYP entertainment. They have come out with a pre- debut song called “Grrr 총량의 법칙”. This song was already performed on their Survival show “Stray Kids” last year. This track is great to listen to as there is an inclusion of heavy rock guitar which radiates Stray Kids energy. The instrumental includes a trendy EDM beat, which makes the song feel fresh.

Oh My Girl

For this comeback, Oh My Girl make their return as 7 member group without JinE with a beautiful song “Secret Garden”. With its orchestral influences, it makes it a pleasing song to listen to. Their vocals are clear,  so you can hear each members singing the song. The chorus was good, however, I felt that they could have added more harmonies in order to give it a grander effect.


MXM is a duo from Brand New Music entertainment. The members are Lim Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun. MXM has made their first comeback! The duo has released a track called “Diamond Girl” This track has retro vibes and funky brass sounds which suits their concept. The song is about a girl who shines like diamond and MXM is taking the opportunity to express their charms to a girl. The song is for their fans as the MXM logo is a diamond shape.



Voisper has made a return with their sixth digital single “Missing U (꺼내보면)”. This song is perfect to listen to in the winter season. It quite an upbeat track but it’s very soothing to listen too. The song is about remembering old memories. The way the members harmonise with each other brings a beautiful element to the song. Their voices are amazing and it fits really well with the melody.


Infinite has made their highly anticipated comeback as 6 member group following the departure of Hoya. The song is called “Tell me” and it’s about asking a lover to return. The song explores new stylistic tones that work for the group, along with the vocals of each member, it has a powerful impact when listening to it. Sungkyu vocals is the star of the show as this song showcases his vocals.

Block B 

Block B has comeback with a repackaged album. The new single is calledDon’t Leave (떠나지마요)” which is written by member Park Kyung. This song is different to the type of music that Block B sing in the past, it’s a chest-beating ballad with a mellow piano production along with a soaring chorus. There is elements of hip-hop in the song from the second verse.


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